Your Session

 Your session is all about you and your family.  To achieve a beautiful, unique piece of art.
 I would like to get to know you before hand, and find out what your hopes are for the shoot.  To plan and create the concept for the session together.  It is an investment for the future, and it isn't something you do everyday so we will want to make it special.  To capture images which are expressive, soulful and beautiful, creating  an intimate, individual piece of art that is reflective of you. 

The Day!

This is the fun part! We will catch up, children get to play a little and the adults can relax, while I take my camera and have fun, capturing you!   I will ensure you enjoy your session, give direction where needed and take you through the steps in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

What To Wear

I always tell clients to think of themselves, twenty years from now, looking back on their photographs. What would they think of the clothing they wore?  I recommend wearing plain, classic clothing, without children's prints   ( like dora or the wiggles ) or logos on them.  Stripes and florals are all acceptable.  And if your child has a special dress or outfit that you would like to have them photographed in, all the better.  If you are being photographed as a family, you may like to consider wearing colours that are similar, so you don't clash!   Bring a few different things along, that way we can pick and choose, and it makes for different images.


f your child has a favourite toy; car, crown, doll, please, bring them along!  We may use them in the session, too.
I love dress ups.  And if your child wants to be a super hero, let him!