What happens after your photo session.

I take your files home, and give the images I judge to be worthy of your attention a quick touch up in photoshop. This includes sharpening, warming and correcting tone/contrast which is then presented to you in a private  gallery; for you to choose the images you would like to purchase.

I will not fully edit your images until I know which ones you want.  This is because I spend up to an hour, per photograph, editing the image quality and colour, making sure it is perfect.  I don't want to spend hours working on an image you do not really want. ( That said, I usually can't help myself having fun with the images I especially like, and start "playing around" with them as soon as I get them home! It's what I love to do! )

After you have chosen your images.

You will receive fully edited, high resolution ( that means BIG ) files, on a USB Stick.  Which you will be able to print at any place of your choosing, in a size that can cover your living room wall.  If you want to spend your money wisely, invest in getting the images printed at a professional photo lab.
I use a local company called brightroom. And I am happy to arrange for your images to be printed.  The price for this is available upon request.

Be aware, you will have a USB of huge files! They will not be any good for your facebook page or the internet.  That said, with your permission, I will put some of the personal favorites up onto my facebook page, where you can tag and share them with your friends.