All Things Precious Photography          
Creates fine art portraits, which are expressive, beautiful and artistic.

My Style.

I use natural light, where possible, to take your photographs. 

The Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful in the world.   I use the hills, open fields, forests or outside buildings as my studio.   I find being outdoors brings something special to an image, especially with children. 

I do not take on big events, such as weddings, and I also do not offer infant sessions.  I like to specialize in one field, where I can put all my eggs into one basket, so to speak, and that is children, families and young adults.

      I enjoy taking photos.   I LOVE, LOVE LOVE ( did I say Love? ) Editing!   Creating something special for you, with wonderful technology! I often add textures, change colours and play with your image.   Nothing is ever quite one style, or the same.  This is what I enjoy doing.   I don't want to roll out the same style, day after day, and lose my passion for what I am doing.  

If you just want basic, unedited photographs, then maybe  I am not the photographer for you.  I like to create an artistic and beautiful fine art image.  It is what you get when you book my services!  

You will  receive something unique and special.   

 I like to capture the essence of the person, the soul, so to speak, and that can't be rushed or hurried.

To view more of my work, you can find me on FACEBOOK.

  I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.   I know how awkward it feels to get your picture taken!  (that's why I'm behind the camera, not in front!)   

I will take the time to ensure I get those special shots  of you and your loved ones.   I don't rush my time with you, I want you to feel at ease and enjoy yourselves.  Your session with me is for creating special memories. 

My goal is to offer you an experience that exceeds your expectations, producing a beautiful, expressive piece of art, that you can treasure for many years to come.